-Buffalo Mozzarella, Baba Ganoush &Cherry Tomatoes. (Gluten Free)

-Chicken Liver Parfait with cranberry butter. (Gluten Free)

-Waldorf Salad (Gluten Free)

-Veganballs served with San Andrea Evergreen Sauce (Vegan & Gluten Free)



-Slow cooked Christmas Turkey, served with mushed potatoes & veggies. (Gluten Free)

-Homemade Meat Lasagna (Gluten Free available upon request)

-Spinach & Ricotta Canelloni

-Vegan Lasagna



-San Andrea Amaretto Tiramisú (Gluten Free available upon request)

-Apple & Raisins Tart served with homemade vanilla gelato.

-Vegan Chocolate Cake served with homemade vegan gelato of your choice.


€29 per person  

Water, bread service & IGIC (Local VAT) Included 

A deposit fee of 50% is required 72hs before the day of the booking.

Please contact us for further details.            Whatsapp +34 602 437 786

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